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What We Can Offer


Cataract surgery

We offer high quality sophisticated Cataract surgery for the patients . We have Alcon Centurion Phaco emulsification machine, which provides early recovery and quality vision of patients .

We offer all high end Phaco surgery like Toric ,Multifocal etc .


Vitreo Retinal Services

We have the facility to detect and treat Retinal diseases of varied etiology. With very sophisticated Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) machine ,diagnosis and treatment becomes specific for different retinal diseases.


Glaucoma Services

We have the facility to detect early changes due to Glaucoma . With other diagnostic machines for Glaucoma , our glaucoma consultant provides high quality comprehensive glaucoma treatment .


Refractive Error

We have sophisticated auto refractometer to detect the refractive power of a person . With a dedicated team of optometrist we provide quality correction of refractive error of any age group . We also offer orthoptic treatment for the muscular im



We are regularly doing different oculoplastic surgeries since many years .Our oculoplastic surgeon provides services for different cosmetic and naso lacrimal surgeries .

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